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Non-metal PEC

Introduction of non-metal, non-contact seals

Integrated contamination countermeasure enabled by making sealed surfaces non-contact, and liquid and gas contact areas non-metal.

In reaction tanks and mixing tanks used for fine chemical manufacture, anti-corrosion and cleanliness is required, meaning that fluoropolymer lining equipments are commonly used.
And for the components which make up these equipments, levels of both anti-corrosion and cleanliness equivalent to those of fluoropolymer are expected.
The "non-metal, non-contact seals" introduced here use a combination of (1) liquid and gas contact areas non-metal structure => non-metal and (2) static pressure gas seal (seal face non-contact) => non-contact structure/seal structure. This enables an integrated contamination measure for shaft seals, a feat which is difficult with existing conditions.

Non-metal structure

This is an example composition of application for vertical agitator

Vertical type agitator top seal composition example: the parts that contact equipment internal substance are comprised only of non-metal parts (carbon, ceramics etc), and by using fluoropolymer lining and our own original line of securing methods, there is no metal contact surface, which establishes non-metal structure. This structure secures high anti-corrosion property, as well as large reduction of metal ion elution.

Non-contact seal structure

Non-metal/non-contact seals are classified as "static pressure type gas seals." These seals use seal gas*1 supplied from the exterior to (1) float the seal ring 10 to 20μm upwards, using the hovercraft principle, and obtain an end face seal in a non-contact state, and (2) form a gas barrier at the end face seal, completely sealing gaseous bodies within the device.*2


Seal gas requires N2 gas, dry air at +0.2MPa for the device's internal pressure (maximum pressure while running), or instrumentation air. Also, the functional supply line for the seal must have a filter of at least 0.3μm.


The supplied seal gas flows out in the device and its exterior. Therefore, if the non-metal PEC has a device interior reaction of a gas phase reaction, this will not be compatible.


Seal mechanism: non-metal/non-contact seals do not create any waste/particles through sliding abrasion on the seal surface.

Many other various characteristics also exist in combination according to the seal mechanism.

Stability Has an automatic gap adjustment to maintain the appropriate seal face gap, for stable seal gas consumption and maintenance of highly reliable seal function.
Long life Long lasting due to the lack of wear on the seal face.
Low energy consumption No sliding resistance. => minimal kinetic loss.
Wide range speed No restrictions on speed due to being non-contact, and stable performance from zero rotations through to high speeds.

Comparison with other sealing methods

Due to the non-metal structure and seal mechanism, non-metal/non-contact seals secure high level of sealing, while also possessing properties such as (1) anti-corrosion, (2) minimal particle and (3) long life / high stability. This is qualitative comparison with other sealing methods testing these properties.

Sealing performance Anti-corrosion Cleanliness Stability, long life Notes
Non-metal/non-contact seals
Mechanical seals
(double + sealing liquid)
◎  × Abrasion powder contamination and sealing liquid flow-in are bottleneck issues
Difficult to secure anti-corrosion due to the functions
Mechanical seals
(dry contact)
○  ×〜△ Abrasion powder is the greatest issue
Labyrinth seals
(with seal gas)
× Much seal gas consumption

Market release

Non-metal / non-contact seals have excellent characteristics to be integrated countermeasure to contamination. Therefore, we consider of high benefit for following markets.

1. Semiconductor related product Countermeasure to metal ion elution/particles.
2. Food contact and Pharmaceutical Countermeasure to bacteria/foreign matter contamination.
3. Powder related product Seal surface can keep clean, effective as seal for powder equipments.
4. General chemicals If internal chemical exhausting to atmoshpere is not allowed by safety reason, high gas sealing property and stability is effective.