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Roughened surface coating specification Tack free


NEW Grade: NF-850ECB

NF-850ECB is a new type of surface treatment. It achieves both "high release properties" and "surface property," a difficult feat for existing fluoropolymer coating or rough surface specification coating (such as tack free coating), and also offers "static charge prevention." NFX-850ECB is perfect for customers who handle highly adhesive items, but do not want to roughen manufacture device surfaces. Compared to roughened surface specification coating, NFX-850ECB offers the following benefits.


(1) Greatly improved surface profile (approx. Ra3, with little unevenness)
(2)Applicable to difficult shapes and part as piping or duct where existing rough surface specification cannot.
(3)No underlayer with roughness is required. Applicable by short due time and lower cost than ever. Firthermore anti-electrostatic is available.


These features make NF-850ECB suitable for ducts where adhesive film passes, for rolls which contact with tacky film that is not allowed profile transfer.

NF-850ECB properties

Main materials Standard film thickness Maximum operating temperature
Hardness [pencil hardness] Surface roughness(*1)[μm] Anti-electrostatic property
Ra Ra
Bake-Type Silicone 20μm 230 5H〜6H 3 15 Present

*1: In accordance with JIS0601-2001. Ra: arithmetic average roughness, Rz: maximum height
*2: Leakage resistance value < 106Ω
[Note] The above data is actual recorded data from test panels, and does not represent guaranteed values.

NF-850ECB surface

Application example: duct inside

Duct for air conveyance of tacky film

NF-850EC applied inside. Existing rough surface coating is not applicable to thin substrate with small diameter and long length. With fluoropolymer coating sticking problem happens.

Now NF-850ECB makes it possible to have good conveyance of film.

Tape release test

◎Test conditions

Adhesive tape is attached to test panel by a certain strength (0.2kg weight roller, 2 passes) 30 minutes after tape peeling.

Release speed 300mm/min
Tape Width 25mm/Length 200mm

◎Test results

Test panel Peel-off force (N)
SUS304 (2B finish) 5.8〜8.0
PTFE coating 4.0〜7.6
NF-850ECB 0.1〜0.2

Solvent resistance test

There are some cases that silicone based surface treatment is not allowed. This is because that silicone based materials are generally regarded to have weakness against solvents. And if silicone component has peel-off, it causes inconformity of quality.
NF-850ECB is silicone based bake type coating, peel-off and transfer do not happen. Compare to existing painting type, this can be used safely even in environments of organic solvents.

◎Solvent impact evaluation test

1. Test panels are soaked for 60 hours in MEK, acetone, ethyl acetate, toluol, hexane, and methanol.

2. After soaking, a spiral scoring test (in accordance with JIS K 6894) is conducted, and the adherence force evaluated.

◎Evaluation results

MEK Acetone Ethyl acetate Toluene Hexane Methanol
5 points (highest score). Adherence force is good.

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