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List of Fluoropolymer Grades

List of common application specifications/properties (examples)

Application specifications are subject to change without notice due to reform/improvements.

Main purpose / grade Main materials Maximum operation temperature Color / Tone Standard film thickness General property compparison Note
Non-stick Low friction Abrasion resistance Insulation Anti-electrostatic discharge Anti-corrosion
Non-stick NF-001 PTFE 260℃ Green 30μm × × × × Standard for sliding use
NF-1970 PTFE 260℃ Brown 50μm × × × Excellent sliding and anti-abrasion
NF-0261 PTFE 260℃ Metallic gold 30μm × × × Excellent sliding and realease property
NF-004 FEP 200℃ Green 40μm × × × Representative grade for high non-stick properties
NF-004A FEP 200℃ Green 40μm × × × Excellent non-stick use
NF-006 FEP 200℃ Black 20μm × × × Standard for release properties and sliding
NF-006XL FEP 200℃ Green 20μm × × × Pencil hardness 2H or more, resistanto against scratch
NF-007 PTFE 260℃ Gun metallic 30μm × × × Sliding, releasing and anti-abrasion added
NF-008 FEP 200℃ Metallic gray 40μm × × × Suitable for non-stick. Non-stick against water-based paint
NF-008SA FEP 200℃ Metallic gray 40μm ◎◎ × × × Special non-stick grade for water based paint
NF-010 FEP 200℃ Brown 40μm × × × Excellent non-stick and anti-abrasion specification
NF-013 ETFE 180℃ Clear 80μm × × Non-stick specifications with excellent anti-abrasion
NF-015 PFA 260℃ Gray 50μm × × × Standard for release property use
NF-015F PFA 260℃ Gray 50μm × × × Surface polishing specifications exclusively for rolls
NF-015T PFA 260℃ Gray 70μm × × Special specifications with thermal spraying underlayer
NF-015V PFA 260℃ Gray 70μm × × Special grade with ceramic underlayer
NF-015X PFA 260℃ Light brown 50μm × × Releasing and anti-thrust abrasion added
NF-018BRA PFA 260℃ Brown 150μm × Excellent releasing and anti-abrasion
Super non-stick NF-800 Special Room temperature Metallic gray 100μm ◎◎ × × Standard for extra non-stick use by surface rough
NF-800FK Special 150℃ Metallic gray 100μm ◎◎ × × Extra non-stick and anti-transfer by surface roughening
NF-830P Special 200℃ Metallic gray 100μm ◎◎ × × × Anti-transfer and improved heat resistance
NF-850ECB Special 230℃ Black 30μm ◎◎ × × Extra non-stick and anti-electrostatic added without surface roughening
Non-stick/Anti-electrostatic discharge NF-004EC FEP 200℃ Light gray 40μm × × Standard of anti-electrostatic and non-stick. Especially excellent for liquid non-stick
NF-004ECH FEP 200℃ Light gray 80μm × × Secure wear allowance with thickness, anti-electrostatic and non-stick
NF-015EC PFA 260℃ White 40μm × × Standard of anti-electrostatic and releasing. Especially excellent for powder non-stick
Anti-corrosion NF-014 ETFE 180℃ Black 600μm × × × × Standard of anti-corrosion
NF-014A ETFE 180℃ Black 600μm ◎◎ × Representative grade for anti-corrosion lining
NF-014H ETFE 180℃ Black 1.0mm × × × × Improved anti-corrosion by thick film
NF-020BL PFA 260℃ Light brown / Black 400μm × ◎◎ Anti-corrosion lining against strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid
NF-020BR PFA 260℃ Brown 400μm × Improved anti-corrosion and heat resistance
NF-020AC PFA 260℃ Black 600μm × Improved anti-corrosion and heat resistance
NF-240 Composite 200℃ Black 600μm × Anti-corrosion and non-stick added
Anti-corrosion/Anti-electrostatic discharge NF-014EC ETFE 180℃ Gray 500μm × × × Standard grade achieving both anti-corrosion and anti-electrostatic
NF-240EC Composite 200℃ Light gray 400μm × Higher anti-corrosion and anti-electrostatic and non-stick added
Super thick anti-corrosion NF-715 ETFE 180℃ White 2.0mm × Standard of anti-corrosion with super thick film
NF-716 ETFE 180℃ White 2.0mm ◎◎ × ◎◎ Super thick film specification against heat cycles
NF-750 PFA 260℃ Black 2.0mm × Improved anti-corrosion and heat resistance
For high purity use NF-240A Composite 200℃ Black 600μm × Anti-corrosion, non-stick and metal ion elution prevention added
NF-242A Composite 200℃ Dark black 600μm ◎◎ × ◎◎ Anti-corrosion specifications for hydrofluoric acid
NF-715EL ETFE 180℃ White 2.0mm × Anti-corrosion and metal ion elution prevention added

Correct as of October 8, 2013

The above are representative application specifications. We have many other specifications available to suit your needs, so please feel free to make an inquiry.
Heat resistant temperature is displayed as an indication of the continuous use air temperature.
The properties for each specification are intercomparisons, intended as guides for specification decisions.
Please seek advice from a member of our sales team to assist your selection of application specification.